Registered Dietician Seminars

Debunking Nutrition Misconceptions

In a society that is becoming increasingly health conscious, more and more information is constantly coming out on how to lose weight, how to get fit, how to eat, sleep, breathe—everything under the sun that will help you get healthy! Learn the common nutrition myths and misconceptions so you can feel more confident about your food choices.

The Food and Exercise Connection

By eating wisely, you will reap the benefits of being properly fueled. Maximize muscle growth, aide recovery and replenish glycogen stores, and you'll have the energy and endurance to power you through your workouts and athletic endeavors. More importantly, you will reduce the risk of many diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Learn why having the proper balance of the two are the keys to health and longevity.

Rebuild Your Relationship with Food

Are you an all-or-nothing person? Do you tend to spiral out of control with one unhealthy meal? Learn how to eat mindfully and to identify any emotional triggers to food. Discover what your personalized strategies would be when being faced with different challenges.

Strategies to Boosting Energy and Metabolism

Want to lose weight without starving and being consumed by cravings? You can rev up your metabolism by making simples changes to the foods you eat every day. Discover which foods and beverages cause you to store weight and which can help you lose it. Get back on track with real food to shed those pounds and regain your energy.

Stress Management

Feeling frazzled, exhausted and burned out? You can reduce your stress levels using proper nutrition, exercise and other stress relieving strategies. Learn which foods support brain health and which minerals and nutrients are depleted during stress. Develop your personal stress-reduction plan to allow you to reach your goals without feeling like you’re running on empty.

Key Vitamins and Minerals for Good Health

Most of us know that good nutrition and a balanced diet are important for good health. However, when we hear buzzwords such as "calcium deficiency" or learn that a new multivitamin just hit the shelves, it can make us wonder if the food we're eating is enough. Learn about proper supplementation for good health and how to choose the quality supplement.

Gut Health: Restore Digestive Health through Nutrition

Many doctors now believe that supporting digestive health and restoring the integrity of the gut wall will be one of the most important goals of modern medicine in the next 10 years…and for good reason! Not only are people starting to become more aware of their body, but many are beginning to take control of their health once and for all by taking control of their gut. Learn about foods that support gut health—the bodies “second brain.”

Eating Fast Without Fast Food

Your busy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your health to a diet of fast food. You can enjoy delicious, healthy foods with a little planning and with better choices at restaurants even with kids sports practices, work meetings and just life in general. Learn quick and easy breakfast options to get you going. Pack a healthy lunch or pick the best options when eating out. Then end your day with simple dinners that are sure to satisfy you