Max Effort Training offers something for everyone. From one on one personal training to group exercise classes, you're sure to find the perfect fit to meet your wellness goals.

Whether you're new to the gym or a seasoned lifter, we can find a way to inspire you to reach your goals and go even further. Check out our list of services below and get in touch with us to set up your free consultation. Our team of professionals is ready to take you to the next level.

1-on-1 Personal Training

Customized, individualized training incorporating all aspects of fitness and wellness including cardiovascular activity, resistance/strength training, nutrition/diet, stress relief, flexibility/mobility, and many other components.

These sessions are designed to be appropriate for each individual and maximize their results. This will include exercise, planning, providing support and working as a team to produce the best results possible for you. The process is customized regarding appropriate exercise, frequency of meeting, duration of sessions, etc. We work to accommodate your needs, your lifestyle and your schedule. The point of this process is not to foster a sense of dependency on us but rather to help give you the tools to be successful. We will educate you, motivate you, build confidence, and design a safe, effective program to help you look and feel great.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training is similar to 1-on-1 training but conducted in a group. There is a built in support system/workout team. People in the group do not need to have the same goals or the same fitness level; groups can be comprised of spouses, parents and children, co-workers, etc. Small Group Training is a cost-effective way to get personalized time with a personal trainer.

Group Exercise

All classes at MET are designed to be smaller and more comfortable for the participants. We want you to feel safe, excited and confident and get the most effective, efficient workout in during your class. All fitness levels are welcome to all of our classes. Our current class schedule is available and we can also customize any class to meet your groups needs. For more information about customizing a class, drop us an email!

Fitness Assessment

The Fitness Assessment is designed to establish baseline measurements for the individual client. This includes health history, body weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure, cardiovascular assessments, strength assessments, flexibility assessments, functional assessments, and more. The assessment protocol can be tailored to the individual. The Fitness Assessment provides measurable successes that go beyond the scale.

Senior Fitness Services

Our senior population is growing and has a limited number of choices for fitness related activities. These services are important for improving quality of life. The focus is on improving strength, increasing flexibility/mobility, improving balance, and generally becoming more independent and functional. This helps with self confidence and in being able to perform daily activities and prevent injuries/falls. It doesn't matter whether you have been active before or not, this can help enhance your life now. Modifications will be made to make all exercise appropriate for the individual.

In-Home Personal Training

If for whatever reason it isn't convenient for you to come to our facility, we will come to your home. We can bring our equipment to you for a great workout. We can also use what you have access to in your home and design an appropriate workout using your resources and equipment at home. It's a great way to not miss your workout even if your schedule is busy or you can't get out of your home. The fun doesn't need to be delayed!

Family Fitness

Have fun as a family and enjoy a workout together. We offer the opportunity for children age 10 and above to take classes with their parent/guardian.

Team Training

We can help you meet the needs of your team and help them reach new goals and build confidence in your players. As current and former athletes we have great insight as to what it takes to achieve athletic excellence. We have experience working with individual athletes as well as teams to provide strength and conditioning programs that will prepare athletes for their specific sports. We also believe strongly that the path you take to athletic prowess is equally as important. We will get you there the right way through principles we have developed over a lifetime of athletics. We have a 100 percent performance enhancing drug free training system and will mentor athletes in the correct way to achieve success and how to conduct themselves properly as well.



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